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At The Drop Shop we provide efficient, effective and reliable repair services. We repair a large volume of phones daily and the number of repair keeps increasing over the year. In order to operate at the leading edge of technology, The Drop Shop has invested the latest diagnostic equipment so we can fully repair defective devices efficiently and effectively which also gives us the flexibility to provide competitive prices across the board. 


Most screen replacements can be done as a same day service. Simply drop in and visit us Monday through Saturday and have your mobile phone screen repaired on the spot* and all replacements come with a standard 12 month warranty on replaced parts.


* Only applies to certain models. Ask our friendly staff for details.


phone repairs
phone repairs

Some of the repair requests we receive are software issues easily solved by performing a factory reset. If your device is still functional, try these steps.

  1. Perform a back-up of your contacts, photos, media, and other data.

  2. Confirm that your device has the latest version of its operating system installed. Update if required.

  3. Perform a 'Factory Reset', sometimes known as a 'Restore' on your mobile device.

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